I absolutely love the Kokopelli Bike Guy and the New Meeker Decals.  

Steve Attarian Walk to Success Chief Inspirational Officer in Palowan

Steve Attarian

Dear Wendell,
Enclosed you will find a photo of how I have had my decals from your company displayed. All of the decals hold a special place in my heart as my husband Ben and I jeeped everywhere in Colorado and Utah. As I was looking at your website I was touched that you started your company in memory of your brother. Ben died in Jan 2018 and it took 2 1/2 years for me to return.
When I was out West in September, I spread my husband’s ashes all over in many of places denoted on these decals. Thank you so much for being inspired to create these mementos!
Dee Hirsh
Chestertown, Maryland
Decals in Frame

Hi it’s joe love the sticker was wondering if you had time to design me a couple of jerky labels i trademarked a couple of names and I’m getting my own jerky products out soon?

Jackass Jerky

Jackass Joe